Price Privileges card


Giving you savings on every litre.
It's the fuel savings card that instantly saves you money at Esso stations. Redeem your Esso ExtraTM points for one today.

For consumers

Esso PRICE PRIVILEGES cards give you cents-per-litre savings on fuel at nearly 1,900 Esso stations across Canada.

The easy way to save and earn:
  • To use your PRICE PRIVILEGES card, simply swipe it at the pump at participating Esso stations or present it in-store before payment.
  • Your receipt will show your instant fuel savings and the remaining balance on your PRICE PRIVILEGES card
  • You can also swipe your Esso Extra card to earn* Esso Extra points on your purchases. These Esso Extra points can be redeemed for rewards, such as free gas, car washes, gift cards and more.
These Esso Extra points can be redeemed for rewards, such as free gas, car washes, gift cards, travel and more.

For business

Industry-leading Esso PRICE PRIVILEGES cards provide business owners with a unique way to reward employees and thank customers. These easy-to-use cards provide cents off per litre for a specified number of litres at up to 1,900 Esso stations in Canada. By keeping a supply of cards on hand, you can create instant incentives or change the ones you already have running.

  • Provide a highly desirable reward for your customers and employees
  • Drive incremental spend behaviours with a fuel incentive
  • Lower your incentive costs
  • Optimized return on investment
  • Create a lasting brand impression – customize your cards with your company logo

Easy to manage:

  • No active inventory for your company to manage
  • A secure portal to help protect your business
  • Multiple levels of access for control – you can give different employees different access within the portal
  • Robust reporting capability, providing your company with key information to manage your program
  • Our real-time, on-demand business solutions portal enables your business to load and reload cards with bills of any denomination – in amounts from $10 to $1,500, or in cents per litre savings from 2 to 50.
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*Some exclusions apply, including purchases of tobacco, alcohol and Esso Gift Cards. Refer to the complete Esso Extra program rules and regulations for details at
Bonus only available to new Speedpass enrollment. Bonus limited to one Esso Extra account. To receive Bonus: must make an eligible* purchase at a participating Esso Station using the Speedpass key tag. Esso Extra Points will be automatically added to your Esso Extra account within 72 hours of your first eligible purchase.
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